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FIELD MANAGER - Simply Smarter Crop Protection

Treat your fields better -
zone by zone

FIELD MANAGER - your new digital partner supporting the optimization of your crop health.

  • Check the status of your fields at any time -
    without even being there.
  • Don't miss the right time -
    for fungicide applications.
  • Use the right amount of fungicide -
    and only where it is needed.

Spray Timer

Spray Timer
Don't miss the right time

Spray Timer notifies you automatically when the right time for fungicide applications is approaching, and enables you to observe the risk status of each field.

For you this means less planning effort, reduced risk of missing applications, and better prevention of diseases – in other words, less stress and healthier crops.

The basis for all this is provided by our tried-and-tested disease risk model – with many years’ experience in the market – and the automatic creation of field-specific maps that are ready to use on your terminal.

Zone Spray

Zone Spray
Use the right dosage

Zone Spray supplies you with field zone-specific maps for T2 applications that are ready to use on your terminal.

That’s not only highly convenient but also helps you to make the most out of every drop of your fungicide.

To deliver these field zone-specific maps, our system calculates the current vegetation for each zone by frequently analyzing satellite images.


Autopilot Beta
Count on the right strategy

Autopilot beta automatically plans and prepares your entire fungicide strategy for each field.

This copilot means you don’t have to worry about your fungicide strategy any more. That’s because you’ll always have all the relevant information at hand and be notified on your mobile before any action is required.

Autopilot beta works with data from Spray Timer and Zone Spray to take them one step further towards full automation.

Spray Timer
Zone Spray