Digital Farming Solutions

SCOUTING - The Assistant in Your Pocket

The Scouting App
enables you to ...

  • ... do fast and convenient scouting and document your result
  • ... recognize and identify in-field stress by simply taking a picture with your smartphone camera.
  • ... share your insights within the SCOUTING community to react faster on spreading pests and diseases.

will consist of six key components:

1 - Weed scouting
Your simple and convenient way to determine weeds in seconds

2 - Insect monitoring
Eases up the evaluation of your traps with regards to present species and population density.

3 - Disease recognition
Simplifies the diagnosis and management of your plant’s diseases

4 - Nutrient estimation
Allows you to measures the nitrogen uptake in your crop

5 - Yield estimation
Calculates your potential yield of your wheat field

6 - Leaf damage detection
Helps you to identify and quantify leaf damage.

Are you interested?
Try our WEEDSCOUT App!


Identify weeds by simply taking a picture  

Know precisely where which weed are growing  

Supports you to make the right weed management decisions

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