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TIMING - Don't Miss the Right Application Time

Application timing with

    field specific timing of fungicide and insecticide treatments
    Regional maps with information about disease pressure and pest development
  • expert.basic
    Local warning service with day to day information about disease and pest pressure

Spray Timer
Don't miss the right time is a completely web based and field specific service for farmers and advisors is used by farmers and advisors in Europe to optimize the use of fungicides and insecticides in various crops. It analyses the infection process of fungal diseases, the development and migration of pests (in oil seed rape) and storage risk based on weather information. It uses the nearest weather station to your location. You will receive an optimized selection of treatment appointments, appropriate pesticides and a concrete recommendation with adjusted dozes. The system also manifests itself in a evaluation of curative and protective performance of fungicides and a reliable calculation of the duration of action of insecticides.

Free test version:

  • Crops: Cereals, Oil Seed Rape, Potato & Sugar Beet
  • Covers all major pests and diseases
  • Optimizes use of fungicides, insecticides and growth regulators
  • Field specific recommendation
  • Optimizes treatment date
  • Optimizes product choice and dosage
  • Evaluates last treatment


expert.basic &
provide information based on local weather information.

expert.basic and are used by various partners around Europe to offer an easy to use service for farmers and advisors. Both services analyze local weather data and calculate the infection risks for fungal diseases and the migration risks for pests. shows a country wide overview in form of a map. Expert.basic gives local day to day information. Both services enable the users to optimize their pesticide strategy without entering any field specific data to the system.

  • Crops: Cereals, Oil Seed Rape, Potato & Sugar Beet
  • Covers all major pests and diseases
  • Shows infection risks for fungal diseases
  • Shows migration risks for pests
  • Local and country wide Information
  • No log-in