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Zoner – A Web Platform for Integrated Spatial Analysis

Zoner is a web platform developed by IntelMax Corp. for integrated spatial analysis of aerial and satellite imagery, yield data, soil electrical conductivity (EC), grid soil data, topography and other data with geo-reference for precision agriculture. The platform performs delineation of management zones, pre-populating soil sampling points and navigation route for field scouting, creation of prescription files for variable rate application of fertilizer, seeding and targeted application of crop protection chemicals. In 2015, Zoner was acquired by Bayer CropScience.

The approach is similar to yield data mapping, but due to the 33-year archive of multispectral satellite imagery, users do not need to spend years on data collection, and extensive hours on calibration of combines. Due to utilization of multiple years and layers of data and advanced analytical algorithms, the accuracy of delineation of zones exceeds any other platforms on the market.

The platform is hosted in a secure state-of-the-art data centre.

Data Provided

Zoner provides access to a huge archive of multispectral satellite imagery from Landsat, Sentinel 2 and RapidEye. Currently, the system contains thousands images collected since 1984 and covering various areas in Canada, USA, Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, The Netherlands, Argentina, Brazil, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. The number of multispectral satellite images available for a certain location can vary from 35 to several hundreds.

The system is fully integrated with Open Street Maps, Bing and Google.

Zoner archive is constantly being updated, depending on the needs of our users.


Zoner includes a comprehensive range of organizational and analytical functions, and provides an unprecedented opportunity for georeferenced data storage and analysis:

  • Organization and storage of raster and vector data for agricultural enterprises, farmers, consultants and government organizations
  • Assessment of land resources (determination of field fertility and field area, field benchmarking)
  • Analysis of field variability and the delineation of areas within the field for variable rate (VR) fertilization, VR seeding and site-specific application of pesticides using multiple sources of data
  • Soil sampling, scouting and navigation planning
  • Assessment of current crop conditions
  • Current weather monitoring
  • Creation of prescriptions for VR fertilization, seeding and site-specific application of pesticides.

Main Advantages

  • Full scalability of analytical and business processes
  • The system can be easily customized depending on the user’s requirements
  • Huge archive of multispectral satellite imagery with verified geo-reference
  • Unique algorithm integrating multiple layers of imagery and yield data
  • Import and spatial analysis of various aerial and satellite imagery, EC, yield, elevation etc.
  • Innovative approach, powered by science
  • Secured data hosting
  • Significant reduction of time for data collection time and analysis
  • Multitasking of the system
  • Web-application available from any location

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