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A new paradigm of farming

Tobias Menne on the opportunities of digitalization

We’re heading to a future with less pesticide use, which really improves the environmental footprint”, says Tobias Menne, Head of Digital Farming at Bayer. He predicts a turn-around in Bayer’s business model and in the way farmers work. “That’s a paradigm shift.” he says. “In the future we will sell healthy fields.

World hunger and malnutrition are our big issues

With only 3% of the world’s land mass available for agriculture and an increasing population the stakes for food security have never been higher. Digitalization offers a way out.

We will understand and respond better than ever before

Digital devices, digital support software and irrigation systems allow unprecedented precision. We can react in realtime and far more specific.

Smallholder farmers will benefit most from digitalization

Digital techniques will help smallholder farmers even more than big ones to optimize their yields sustainably and protect the environment.

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