Digital Farming Vision

At Bayer, we are working in an environment which is rapidly being shaped and shifted by modern technology. There is no doubt that, among others, big data and the Internet of Things are changing the face of agriculture.

We experience this every day. From the smartphone in our pocket to the highly sensitive sensors in combines and fields - we are more connected, integrated, and informed than ever before, no matter where we are or what we do. The further digitalization of agriculture will be an indispensable step forward into the world of future farming.

This world of bytes, bits, and pixels is digitizing a craft and way of life that has been around for thousands of years. Farming has and will always be a field where decisions are made from a mixture of knowledge, experience, and gutt-feeling. Digitalization provides the farmer the ability to more accurately predict the outcomes as well as most effectively respond to Mother Nature’s ever-reoccurring challenges. This new world is allowing our customers – farmers around the world- to act and react significantly faster – at the speed of ‘now’ – as patterns and changes can be recognized in smallest amount of detail. It gives the grower the opportunity to more precisely predict the impact of his actions – such as: choice of seed variety, application rate, or harvest timing – making the risk management of the farm a much easier task for our customer, along with the chance to improve his profitability in a sustainable way.

As the world population grows, each farmer will have to produce more on the same amount of land. In order to accomplish this, the use of agricultural inputs must be chosen as precisely as possible to ensure a sustainable food production into the future. Digital Farming will drive innovation forward, and Digital Farming can enable the farmer to make better choices. Yet, the final decision will remain with the farmer.

Digital Farming empowers farmers to take smarter decisions at the speed of ‘now’

Economic growth, social and environmental responsibility continue to be relevant topics on a global scale, they are also of vital importance for Bayer and will be a focal point of our Digital Farming offer in the future. The newly arising opportunities from the digitalization of farming can address these topics and further support safe and sustainable agricultural production. We have the opportunity to become a leader in digital farming technology: exploring new technologies, seeking new partnerships, providing solutions, and connecting our scientific minds with the heart of the farmer. This will also help to support the agricultural sector to become the outstanding innovation driver.

Bayer has always been a trusted partner when it comes to innovative and forward-looking technologies and solutions. By combining the power of a farmer’s instinct with cutting-edge technologies of today, such as satellite imagery and GPS, we can help a farmer to make best-informed decisions every day, month, season, or year. Decision-making will become sharper, smarter, and simpler for the farmer, anywhere, anytime. This is our inspiration. We think of digitalization in agriculture as an engine that drives the future of agriculture. This will help to enable increased yields while considering the environmental footprint of agriculture at the same time. Rather than add to the complexity, it will make the world of farming a more predictable and safe place, empowering farmers to do what they do best now and in the future.