We work together

Bayer has partnered with a numerous universities, research institutes, members of the value chain, as well as public private partnerships, in order to propel this evolution of agriculture.

Research is being done through many innovative initiatives that will help bring new technologies to the market. Some include - eco system modeling based on geo-data such as: climate and terrain, remote sensing, in order to better understand the world above and below us and spectral disease recognition, to better analyze how plants are affected by disease pressures.

Significant investments have also been made in venture capital partnerships to further develop new technologies, and to support innovative business ideas. Collaborating with outside partners offers insights into new areas of innovation and visibility into cutting-edge technologies.

Partners include:

Fraunhofer ITWM and Digital Farming develop a modular computational framework

To manage a fields productivity it is important to quantify the difference between actual crop performance and the performance a field zone could potentially achieve under optimal growing conditions. Since 2015 Fraunhofer ITWM and Digital Farming develop a modular computational framework built on spatial statistics enabling quantitative agronomists to understand the influence, relative importance and distribution of influencing crop growth factors on observed crop yield. This computational toolkit has become part of the Digital Farming's Field Analytics Workbench. Rich visualization and interactive model exploration allow Digital Farming experts to design, validate and customize agronomic logic to the different agricultural production systems.

Collaboration to Develop Sensor Technology for Improved Monitoring of Insect Pests

Bayer Digital Farming and FaunaPhotonics, Copenhagen, Denmark, have entered into a three-year research cooperation to develop new sensor solutions for improved monitoring of agricultural insect pests as well as non-target insects including beneficials. Efficient pest control which at the same time spares beneficials and pollinators is one of the biggest challenges facing farmers worldwide.

Digitalization of Field Trial Operations - DFTO

Most of the data that Bayer generates from its field trial operations is collected manually. This project explores the potential of new technologies in increasing the relevance, quality and quantity of data collected through Bayer's global network of trials whilst ensuring its efforts are cost-effective. Rothamsted Research acts as an external consultant facilitating discussions between AD and DF and providing an outside-in perspective of the latest trends and developments in this space.

“i_SSS - integrated Support System for Sustainability”

In April 2016, Bayer Digital Farming and the University of Hamburg – Institute of Geography and the Department of Informatics – entered into a five-year research partnership with the objective to jointly develop new digital solutions for sustainable agriculture based on geoinformatic methods and models.

Precise weather and soil data are becoming increasingly important to optimize sustainability and productivity. Focus is the development and implementation of unique algorithms deriving field weather and soil hydrological data in very high spatio-temporal resolution. The value of these field specific data layers will improve, for example, disease & nutrient management. Even more, such field specific information is significant for further minimizing risk to the environment and avoiding damage to adjacent natural ecosystems, e.g. via runoff, erosion and leaching.

Bayer starts Digital Farming cooperation with Yara

Within the framework of a software collaboration and technology licensing agreement, the two companies want to combine their efforts to develop new digital farming solutions and improve existing ones. For this purpose, YARA is granting Bayer access to its mobile imaging technology to determine the nutrient status and needs of plants with a smartphone application. Furthermore Bayer and YARA develops a common solution for a tractor terminal software to that integrates sowing, nutrition and plant protection.